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What’s Going On Now…

Attention Patriots Fans!  We are fully stocked on all your favorite New England Patriots gear for your pup!  Kick the season off right with a new Pats collar, leash, jersey, puffer vest, harness or toy for your pup!


What They’re Barking About…

  • Sherman

    Thank you The Barkery for a yummy peanut butter apple oatmeal birthday cake for Sherman’s 3rd birthday! It was very hard to get him to sit still long enough to get a photo of him with the cake he was so excited!

    Renee Moore‎

  • Kayleigh-Sansa

    Another birthday, another incredible cake! Thank you SO MUCH for doing such a beautiful job on Sansa and Kayleigh’s birthday treats! The girls take one sniff and gobble them up immediately (as you can see was the case for Kay’s first cake recently). Service is always prompt and hassle-free – it’s a pleasure doing business with you! Keep up the good work.

    Julianne Maksym‎

  • Louie

    Louie LOVED his birthday cake!! Thank you so much!!

    Brittany Malm

  • onix

    Special THANK YOU to everyone at The Barkery for getting this cake to us on time to celebrate this kiddos 10th Birthday today. The cake was delicious (Apple and Oats), he loved it!

    Claudia Wesselhoft‎

  • Huck

    Thanks for the cake, Huck loved it!!

    Tracy Adkins‎

  • Keel

    Keel loved his birthday cake! Thank you!!!

    Meredith Swierzbin Moore‎

  • Barkley

    Barkley loves his cake! Thank you!

    Katie Michelle‎

  • Milo

    Thank you for another amazing birthday cake! Milo loved it!

    Christine Ramsundar

  • Ted

    Your awesome cake was a hit! Each of our boys got a slice and they chowed down! It was a very happy birthday for our Ted.

    Rachel McClain Alegre

  • melo-oliver

    Thank you for our delicious Apple & Oatmeal birthday cake! We couldn’t have had a better celebration without it! Please enjoy our photo from our birthday party!

    Stephanie Rodriguez

  • Lucy Bday

    I received the cake and it was adorable. Lucy so enjoyed it!!

    Kathleen Sullivan

  • Bully

    Bully LOVED his cake! Thank you!

    Nilda Iris Montes‎

  • Lincoln

    Thank you for the wonderful cake, Lincoln loved it!

    MacKenzie Crandall

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