1. To Each His Own – Especially When It Comes to Reindeer

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    Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies between Thanksgiving and Christmas? In four-legged-friend years, it goes by even faster! Each holiday season, mom asks me for some guidance regarding our gift baskets for dogs. She wants to make sure that we are filling them with things that are on-trend, and I’m not one to brag,

  2. The Ugly Duckling Sweater

    Holiday traditions are important, so people put lots of effort into maintaining them. Some of my buddies cut down a fresh Christmas tree every year, some bake cookies to exchange with friends and family, and then some brave all that is merry, bright, and stressful about the holidays for one little picture of them sitting

  3. Pie, Outrage… and How to Avoid Heartbreak

    The closer we get to the holiday season, the more I think about pie. Don’t get me wrong; cheese is one of my favorite food groups. There’s just something about pie, though, that warms my heart – and my belly. Pies can make any occasion special. Need proof? Just look at our major holidays: Christmas

  4. The Great Turkey Day Conspiracy

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    It’s time to start seriously considering your Thanksgiving meal. I know that we just talked about how great Halloween is, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I don’t want anyone to forget that turkey day is a crucial holiday, too. It’s the gateway to the entire holiday season! It gets everyone in the

  5. I’ll Pass on the Candy Corn

    Halloween just might be my very favorite day of the year.   Why? The whole day is fantastic, start to finish. At the shop, mom gives out a free half-pound of biscuits to all my four-legged buddies who come in to show off their costumes. At night, we give out candy to the kids and

  6. The Barkery Scores Big for Operation Delta Dog

    Every year, mom chooses a fundraiser for The Barkery. Over the years, we’ve raised over $10,000 for different charities. For 2017, we picked a group called Operation Delta Dog to rally around. I’m not going to lie: I’m a crier. An ugly crier. My nose runs and my eyes water… it’s not pretty. I had

  7. New England’s Where It’s At

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    It’s my favorite time of year. Mom and I get to spend more time on our walks, I don’t pant as much, and leaves are starting to make the yard more interesting. Most of my four-legged friends love leaves, but my friend Murphy has some sort of weird issue with them. He becomes a furry

  8. Pain Meds No More!

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    I want to give a bark out to all my senior friends out there!  I am going to share some exciting news with you about how I got off pain meds for my arthritis! But first, a little back story on yours truly.  Just over a year ago, I got really sick.  My mom didn’t

  9. Friends of Kiki – Tom Sawyer Crosby

    kikis dog treat cookie club, dog cookie club

    Greetings! My name is Tom Sawyer Crosby, but everyone calls me Sawyer. I’m Kiki’s bestie in Virginia. I met Kiki through her Dog Cookie Club. Mommy signed up for it a few months ago, and I’m not ashamed to admit that my mouth starts to water as soon as she opens the box! My favorite

  10. A Tale of Two Treats

    I have a lot of friends, I admit it. When you own a place that creates delicious treats, it’s bound to happen. I get letters from all over the country, every single day. Most of them talk about how great my cookie club is or how much they appreciated their birthday cakes. Every once in

  11. The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

    Healthy dogs of Summer

      Every year, around the same time, it seems like the same weird thing keeps happening; the light outside shines much longer, I can see what the neighbors are doing long after my dinner is served, (yes, I stare, don’t judge me. Just trying to stay informed; and besides, that’s why they put windows in

  12. Meet Me (Kiki) and My Mom!

    Gourmet dog treats, gourmet dog bakery

        Well most of you already know who I am, but for those of you who don’t, let me introduce myself! My name is Kiki and I am a 13-year-old black lab mix. My mom adopted me when I was just 12 weeks old and we’ve been together my whole life! I remember when

What They’re Barking About…

  • My 17 year old loved it. Beautiful cake! Great to deal with.

    Anne Cirulli

  • Logan loved his birthday treats! Ate every crumb! He says thanks!!

    Erin Tarmey‎

  • Your awesome cake was a hit! Each of our boys got a slice and they chowed down! It was a very happy birthday for our Ted.

    Rachel McClain Alegre

  • Thank you for our delicious Apple & Oatmeal birthday cake! We couldn’t have had a better celebration without it! Please enjoy our photo from our birthday party!

    Stephanie Rodriguez

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    Firehouse Annie is licking her lips, waiting to dig in to her Happy Adoptaversary cake. She shared with her pals Buddy and Blondie, who all enjoyed the cake. Compliments to the chef!

    Kathy Rogers

  • I received the cake and it was adorable. Lucy so enjoyed it!!

    Kathleen Sullivan

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    Sonny can’t wait for his Birthday Cake. We get 1 every year for our dogs Sonny & Holly from the Barkery!! They love them!

    Sheila Carter

  • Zeus loved his cake from The Barkery!

    Calli Marie‎

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    Gracie loved her birthday cake. Thank you!

    Wendy Libby‎

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    Sammy hammy’s 5th bday!
    Thank you to the barkery for the fabulous cake! Xoxo ♥️❤️♥️🐶

    Lisa Lekos‎

  • Thank you for barking my Marley’s 10th birthday cake! He woofed it down!

    Kendall Lee

  • Special THANK YOU to everyone at The Barkery for getting this cake to us on time to celebrate this kiddos 10th Birthday today. The cake was delicious (Apple and Oats), he loved it!

    Claudia Wesselhoft‎

  • Thanks for the cake, Huck loved it!!

    Tracy Adkins‎

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    Fred loved his cake! Thank you!

    Vanessa Vining‎

  • Another birthday, another incredible cake! Thank you SO MUCH for doing such a beautiful job on Sansa and Kayleigh’s birthday treats! The girls take one sniff and gobble them up immediately (as you can see was the case for Kay’s first cake recently). Service is always prompt and hassle-free – it’s a pleasure doing business with you! Keep up the good work.

    Julianne Maksym‎

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    Thanks for making yummy cakes, Lola enjoyed her birthday treat 

    Jeannette Rocker‎

  • Thank you for the wonderful cake, Lincoln loved it!

    MacKenzie Crandall

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    Meeko And his friends loved the cake!!!

    Denise Gomez‎

  • Barkley loves his cake! Thank you!

    Katie Michelle‎

  • Bully LOVED his cake! Thank you!

    Nilda Iris Montes‎

  • Louie LOVED his birthday cake!! Thank you so much!!

    Brittany Malm

  • Thank you for the fabulous cake for Finley’s birthday party. It was a hit! Along with the snacks! I’ll be back!

    Toni Provencher‎

  • Keel loved his birthday cake! Thank you!!!

    Meredith Swierzbin Moore‎

  • Chase loved his cake!!

    Shauna Leavitt

  • Thank you for helping us. Here is the picture of Kobe. He actually liked everything we got him. 1st time ever!

    Michelle Cormier Holbrook‎

  • Thank you The Barkery for a yummy peanut butter apple oatmeal birthday cake for Sherman’s 3rd birthday! It was very hard to get him to sit still long enough to get a photo of him with the cake he was so excited!

    Renee Moore‎

  • Thank you so much for my birthday cake!!  I just love the pink yogurt frosting and the crunchy bones on the side!!

    Jamie Lally

  • We just wanted you to know that Dixie really enjoyed her birthday cake tonight to celebrate her 1st birthday. She shared it with her older sister Maggie.

    Danielle Crowe-Denoncourt‎

  • Thank you for another amazing birthday cake! Milo loved it!

    Christine Ramsundar

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    Loving his baseball treat from the Barkery!

    Ty Darby‎

  • Thanks for helping to make Bella’s 13th birthday so special. She, along with her brothers, really loved the cake!

    Bridget Williamson

  • CRASH..loved his cake

    Dawn Mcginnity‎

  • Piper had a great first birthday! Loved her cake! Thank you!

    Allison Morin‎

  • Thank you for the great cake!! I had a great 1st Birthday!

    Alyssa Morrissey

  • Thank you!

    Lauren Beth LeBato

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