It’s my favorite time of year. Mom and I get to spend more time on our walks, I don’t pant as much, and leaves are starting to make the yard more interesting.

Most of my four-legged friends love leaves, but my friend Murphy has some sort of weird issue with them. He becomes a furry cannonball of rage – running out the door every chance he gets to bark at them! He even starts to bite at them, like they’re alive!

I don’t get it. His dad gets mad when he runs out the door, but Murphy told me that he can’t help it. He needs to defend the yard. I guess the leaves are invaders.

I personally love them. I think they smell like a mixture of wet grass and dirt!

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I get excited for the smell of pumpkin spice, too – just like everyone else – but what really makes my tail wag is the thought of watching the best team in the world play football once a week.

Who’s the best team? The New England Patriots, of course! They won the big game last year, and Tom Brady is my hero!

No one is better than Tom Brady. Did you know that I have a lot of friends named “Brady”? It’s pretty weird how popular that name is around here.

dog cookie club, dog treat club, dog birthday cake

New England Patriots Water Resistant Reflective Pet Jacket

Tom Brady’s four-legged kids are named Scooby, Lua, and Fluffy. I bet they are really proud of their dad – just like I’m proud of my mom. She loves the Pats, too, after all. We love to cuddle on the couch together, eat snacks, and celebrate every touchdown!

I don’t want to make you jealous, but I get decked out in lots of Patriots gear every fall. My mom sells it all at the store so I get to pick out my favorites every season.

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New England Patriots Dog Puffer Vest

I love the puffer vest and the water resistant jacket the most. I guess I’m just an outerwear girl. Who doesn’t want to look stylish on a walk – and stay cozy and dry? Plus, the hoodie totally gives me something called “street cred.” I don’t know what it is, but it sounds cool.

I’m not going to name any names, but we did a dog birthday cake for a friend whose dad plays for the Pats! It was super-awesome.

Football is so great, isn’t it? I just don’t understand why it doesn’t smell like a foot. And why did someone make a ball that I can’t pick up?

There are so many mysteries in life…

dog treat of the month club, cookie club for dogs, dog bakeryDid you know that my mom makes cookies in the shape of footballs? She even writes “Pats” on them! Don’t tell anyone, but I think I have a problem with them. Whenever she brings them in the house, I can’t stop thinking about them. The crispy peanut butter with a touch of creamy yogurt is sublime! It’s all I can think about until I have one… and then I just want another and another!

Mom may think that I’m checking out what’s on the counter, but the truth is that I’m trying to figure out where she hides those cookies.

It’s a good thing that she only brings them home during the fall. Apparently, my self-control is just as bad as Murphy’s.

Let’s Go Pats!




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