I have a lot of friends, I admit it. When you own a place that creates delicious treats, it’s bound to happen.

I get letters from all over the country, every single day. Most of them talk about how great my cookie club is or how much they appreciated their birthday cakes. Every once in a while, though, I get a great story about the treats mom bakes.

A while back, this great dane named Cash sent me a letter with a picture. He was standing next to his mom, but he looked like a giant! I don’t know what his mom feeds him, but I don’t think my mom would want me to get that big. I already take up a good portion of the couch as it is.

Anyway, Cash lives in Alabama. Mom told me that it’s too far away for a car ride, which is basically how I judge every place I want to go. It’s a bummer, though, because Cash looked like he’d be really fun to play with.

gourmet dog treats, health dog treatsCash said in his letter that his mom loves cannoli, so for her birthday, she ordered him a bunch from our online store so that he could enjoy some with her. Apparently, Cash felt like me the first time I saw cannoli. He said, “It looked like some weird taco.” Then he added, “We don’t eat stuff like this in the South.”

But then he tried it – only to make his mom happy. Can you believe that Cash ate all of his cannoli, but he managed to lick out the cream-cheese filling first? That gigantic dog got down on the floor and somehow removed every bit of cream cheese before he then chowed down on the peanut butter exteriors.

I just can’t imagine it… I wish they had sent a video. I LOVE watching videos of my friends!

Cannoli is now a hit in Alabama. Cash says that he’ll never look at a taco the same way again.

Over a year ago, I got a letter from a miniature poodle named Coco. She lives in Long Island, New York. Mom says that a car ride there would be too long, too.

I’ll never forget Coco’s letter because when mom read it to me, she started to cry! She wasn’t sad; she was laughing! I haven’t seen mom do that many times. I mean, I’m hilarious, but getting her to cry takes talent.

Coco told us that she lives in a very nice house and her mom always takes her around town with her. She even has a little bag that she hangs out in, and she loves it. Her mom didn’t know, though, that Coco had a deep, dark secret…

She likes deer. A lot.

Every morning her mom would let her out in the backyard, and Coco would chomp down on whatever the deer left from the night before. Her mom never paid attention; she thought that Coco was eating grass.

One day, though, Coco’s mom was in a hurry to go somewhere and grabbed Coco from the backyard and put her into her bag. Coco was a little surprised and tried to act like she wasn’t eating anything. To ensure that she didn’t arouse any suspicion, Coco gave her mom lots of kisses all over the face.

About 20 minutes later, her mom stopped the car and was getting ready to get out, and she looked in the rear-view mirror and gasped. There was a piece of brownish, wet goo on her face. She wiped it off with a tissue, and it smelled like… well, deer treats.

After that, Coco’s cover was blown. Her mom stopped letting her go out in the backyard in the morning, and Coco got really depressed.

gourmet dog treats, gourmet dog cookiesThankfully, Coco was writing to let us know that her mom found our Deer Drops online and started buying them for her. They look just like her “old” treats, but her mom approves. Mom makes them out of graham crackers and carob – or peanut butter.

You know, I still don’t quite get the joke. Whenever I find deer treats in the yard, I appreciate them. I’m not sure what the big deal was. I do like our Deer Drops, though, so I’m glad Coco found something that her mom approves.


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